Only way to release

So the only way to get over this is to write it out. (At least I think). So jade is going on a trip at first she didnโ€™t invite me just jasmine and I was okay with that , not going to lie I was a little salty but I got over it. But what made me have to write about it was that fact that just txt me and asked me if I wanted to go at 5:13ย pm march 8th 2014 when she knows that sheโ€™s leaving for the trip at 6 am march 9th. I honestly took that as โ€ I really don’t want brittany to come, never planned for brittany to come but to get this off my conscious I will ask her about going a half day beforeโ€. Do it hurt my feelings yes. Will I get over it yes. Yes I will. I just truly now know what to expect of jade keys now. This to me shows jade will never be the friend she use to be in high school. Because the jade that was my true friend in highschool would have never done that to me like that. Oh and to top it off when I mentioned to her that it was truly a huge short notice she ignored me and when I pointed out she ignored me she laughed. She laughed. Wow.